Buckthorn bowl

A friend from church gave me a bunch of buckthorn sometime back.  He is interested in learning to turn it as well so he and his wife came over last weekend to see how I do things.  First we turned a chunk between centers to show him how to do that.  Then they expressed an interest in seeing how I turn a bowl so we began this bowl.  They ran out of time and had to leave so I went ahead and finished it out.

This piece of wood has some lovely graining in it.

Both on the outside…

…and in the inside. The diameter of this bowl is about 5-1/2 inches, and it stands about 2 inches or so high off the table.

I gave the bottom a little different treatment than I usually do.

And I put a couple coats of wipe-on-polyurethane on it and let it dry.  After the poly was dry I buffed it out. The couple that gave me the wood stopped by my booth at a craft fair yesterday (Saturday, 12/1). I gave them the bowl.