Recently, I have been making a lot of pendants. One reason I find them so additive is because the way they display the grain of the wood. The same wood, turned face-grain or turned end grain, can have two vastly different appearances. I’ll be posting pictures below of several pendants.

It isn’t very intuitive, but to take a closer look at a pic, right-click on it, and then choose “…open image in new tab”. On you phone, tap and hold on the pic, and then select the option that opens the pic by itself.

The grid that the pendants are laying on is 1/4-inch squares. The two inch point is a heavier line because that is about the average diameter when they are completed.

Black Walnut with Ash Accents

This next group are very recently completed.

The next group are also recently completed. The simpler black walnut also shows up later as a set with earrings.

Group 3. The honey locust and the maple or birch were intended to be blacks to do laser engraving on.

Group 4. Pendant and earring sets.

Group 5. Some Older Pendants. The honey locust has no finish and will be drilled for a pinch bail for hanging on the cord.

Group 6. The cedar and the Dawn Redwood are very soft woods, but the figure makes up for it. The Dawn Redwood shows the use of a pinch bail.

Group 7. Some earlier pendants.

Group 8. Some older pendants

Group 9.

Group 9. More older pendants.

Group 11. More Older Pendants

Group 12.