Sassy the dog is Ten years Old

When I first started this very sporadic blog many years ago, Sassy was a young puppy. She is now ten years old, plus a couple months. She is part of the family, and we don’t know what we would do without her.

The grandkids love her, and for the most part, she loves them in return.

Here is a picture of her stretching toward the camera.

When she hears the packing tape coming off the roll, she knows I have sold something on Etsy. She will go and hang out by the front door because to her, that simply means we will be taking a walk out to put something in the mailbox.

Otherwise, she spends most of her life sleeping – this time of year, she sleeps in front of the fireplace. If she gets too warm in front of the fire, she just moves a few feet away from it, but not too far.

Carved Pendants

Recently, I have been carving heart shaped pendants. This began when a customer requested a pendant that was not round, After I made a couple samples, she selected a couple that she liked.

Mountain Ash (Rowan) Carved Pendant
Mountain Ash (Rowan) Turned Pendant
Mountain Ash (Rowan) Carved Pendant

I then began to try to shape the pendants into a heart shape. Here are the results so far.

Mountain Ash (Rowan) Carved Pendant
Mountain Ash Carved Pendant

After making a number of carved pendants from mountain ash, I then moved on to other woods.

Mulberry Heart Shaped Pendant
Oak Heart Shaped Pendant
Cherry Heart Shaped Pendant