Originally posted 31 December 2012

My dear wife (Oma) has recently expanded her knitting skills.  I am really proud of her. She has sought instruction from a number of sources, and dedicated herself to stretching her abilities. As a result she has turned out a number of items which were given for Christmas gifts.

For some of these knitted items, she wanted to place a button on the item for an accent or for adjustability of the neck size.  She honored me by asking me to make the buttons. Here’s a close-up view of one of them. This button is made from koa wood (from Hawaii). It is dished quite deeply.

And a shot from a little further away…

And the complete cowel.

Here are a series of more of them…

This button was supposed to be used the other way around, but the one who received it wanted it mounted this way out. Most of the buttons are 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inch in diameter. I can’t remember the wood this button was made from.

This next button was made from rosewood and has a shallow concave to the front of it. The rosewood polished to a nice gloss and the grain is much more visible in person than in this picture.

This next button is made from sumac wood and is fairly deeply dished.

A shot of the back of the button. I have found that scribing a small ring on the button with a tool can aid in knowing where to drill the holes.

This last button is walnut.  The extra hole in the button is from a nail, as I used salvage wood from a small box I bought in a junk shop.