Acorn Boxes with Threaded Lids

This summer I purchased a threading jig so that I could make lidded boxes and other items with a more secure lid. Of course, due to the popularity of the acorn boxes I am selling on Etsy, I needed to make some with threaded lids. I have recently listed my first ones on Etsy and to date have sold three of them.

More Acorn Boxes

My acorn boxes have proven very popular this year on Etsy. Here are a number of them that I have made since the previous post. All the acorn boxes shown on this page have a pop-on or push-fit cap. The next post will show acorns with a threaded cap.

Acorn Boxes

Recently I have made a number of acorn boxes. I listed the first few on Etsy and they sold quickly, so I made another batch of 4 which sold out as well. Currently I am up to 17 of them and counting.

Chasing Threads

I have wanted to try chasing threads for some time and found a used set of thread chasing tools on line over the past winter. I’m not sure which brand they are – the tool is one piece of steel with a “female: end and a “male” end, that reverses in the handle. While using the tool a plastic screw that threads directly into the handle tightens against the steel.

The femaie thread chaser.
The male thread chaser.

A couple weeks ago I was able to try them out. I made a little elm jar and glued pieces of PVC pipe into place on the lid and into the neck of the jar. With beginners luck, I was able to achieve usable threads and almost perfect grain alignment between the lid and the jar.