Empty Bowls

Each fall, the Milwaukee Empty Bowls organization holds an even to address hunger in the Milwaukee area. Empty Bowls raises funds through the event and then distributes the funds to other organizations in the Milwaukee area. They raise funds by selling an “empty bowl” filled with a serving of soup. The purchaser keeps the bowl.

Most of the bowls are ceramic, and made by various artists in the Milwaukee area. However, they also accept wooden bowls and members of our club make and donate several bowls each year. The following pictures are bowls I have made for donation in 2021.

In total, I made 21 bowls for Empty bowls in ’21. Maybe for 2022, I’ll make 22 bowls! The club donated a total of 66 bowls in 2021,

Ash, Cherry, Ash, Elm?, Cherry, Ash
Just for Fun – Boxelder
Hickory, Black Walnut and Oak(?)
Boxelder, Pear, Cherry, Cherry, Black Walnut, Hickory