Natural Edge Sycamore Bowl

Originally Posted 20 August 2012

Sycamore that is cut on the quarter-grain has a lovely lacy figure in it.  When turned, it takes some thinking to make that lace display. I had rough turned a number of sycamore bowls and had very little success displaying the figure, so I decided to try to make a natural edge bowl which essentially results in the bowl being turned “upside down” to the grain. Here is what I came up with…

Both of these photos do a poor job of showing the true shape of this bowl – this is one of those cases where the two-dimensional photo changes the nature of the three dimensional bowl.

The top photo makes the bowl appear more sharply curved across the wings of the bowl than it actually has, and both photos make the bowl appear more shallow than it actually is.

The lace grain pattern shows up on both the outside and the inside of the bowl.