New Family Member

Originally posted 28 December 2011

We have a new family member here on the place.

On December 16, Sassy came to live with us.

Sassy is a miniature Golden Doodle – her mother is a full size Golden Retriever, and her father is a miniature Poodle. We got her from a breeder in northern Wisconsin who uses the proceeds of their puppy business to support an orphanage in Africa.

She was about 5 pounds when we got her.

And she has been absolutely adorable. Except for some moments when we have despaired of being able to house break her.

She’s been stepped on a few times.

She loves being outside and has made friends (really!) with our two cats.

They have been amazingly tolerant of her puppyness.

She’s had her first bath.  Her coat is really fine and thick.  Although she is suppose to be ‘hypo-allergenic’ we are beginning to find a lot of fine blind hairs on our darker clothing.

She is kind of short legged, and when she sits she often sits on her butt and all he paws come out to the same place.  And a picture of that will be the last part of this post.